Create and run a load test with PFLB Platform.

Sign in PFLB Platform#

  1. Open PFLB Platform and click Sign In. The page opens:

  2. Sign up or sign in PFLB Platform with password or Google.

    The first time you sign in PFLB Platform, the platform tutorial opens. The tutorial will show you how to create and run a test.

  3. Click Start tutorial and take the tour. After completing the tour, the New test page opens:


Add a group and HTTP-requests to the test project#

  1. Click + New thread group. A new group will appear:

  2. Go to the group or click edit_button. The editor opens:

  3. Use Drag & Drop to move the HTTP request element into the transaction.

  4. Expand the transaction and click edit_button:


    The window opens:

  5. Add the request URL. For example:

  6. Click Save. Уou have added the first request to your test:

  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Edit a load profile#

  1. Click Next. The Load profile tab opens:

  2. If needed, configure the load profile.

Run the test#

  1. Select By running the test you accept the terms and conditions and click Run test. The test will run after some time.

  2. Follow the testing in PFLB Platform or click Detailed stats to view the test metrics in Grafana:


Analyze results of testing#

After the test is completed, thе page has the following data: