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Mobile App Testing Services​

PFLB offers high quality QA mobile testing services for more than 12 years all over the world. Our specialists prossess deep expertise in mobile application testing services, which allows us to be the leading QA testing company. We have done successful projects in different fields.

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QA Mobile Application Testing Company

PFLB is the leading mobile app testing company, so we will test your application on real devices and emulators to find the defects and deliver releases on time. We offer an innovative approach for native test automation both for Android and iOS for Unit, API, UI.

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60+ mobile QA engineers have done more than 70+ international projects


We can help developers to assure stable daily releases for their applications that will have millions of users all over the world


We reduce time-to-market by simultaneously running tests on our mobile device farm

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What is Mobile Application Testing Services?

Mobile device emulators are very widespread in digitalisation century and useful for application functionality testing and development. There are different kinds of mobile application testing:

Mobile Manual Testing

PFLB provides our customers with the mobile app manual testing done by the professional and experienced team. We perform fast and quality mobile app manual testing where functionality, usability and consistency are tested.

Mobile App Automation Testing

PFLB uses an innovative approach for native test automation both on Android and iOS for Unit, API, UI what makes automating mobile app testing more advanced.

Hardware Testing App

Our company tests integration of hardware and mobile apps and only hardware as well.

Usability Testing Mobile App

Usability testing (as well as mobile UI testing) is used to determine the product’s interface usability by the end user. During the UI testing users conduct common tasks with the product in the presence of a test manager. Usability testing services shows how the product corresponds to user expectations, uncovers problems with the interface, and gives an opportunity to see the product through the eyes of the user.

Load and Performance Testing

It comprises profiling of mobile applications and emulating mobile traffic. Nowadays mobile application testing is on demand because many users are preferring mobile devices to stationary PCs. Therefore mobile app performance testing is prevailed in banks, retail, governance sector.

Functional Testing for a Mobile Application

Mobile app functional testing implies evaluating the app’s functionality & usability. It can be be automated or manual. Functional tests are a slice of functionality of the whole system.

Android Testing Services

Android UI test automation and Android mobile app test services are on high demand today and our specialists can carry it out fast.

iOS App Testing Services

iOS mobile testing and iOS automated UI testing along with the iPhone app testing services ensure that your iOS application work steadily and save your resources through the repeated testing services performed by professionals.

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We have been working on performance testing projects since 2008.

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