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Control your software, test for performance with every release, and save on cloud computing costs. With PFLB, you can achieve the scalability your business needs to succeed!

pflb performance testing platform
pflb performance testing platform

1. Keep all the project data in the cloud.

2. Control your software performance.

3. Analyze test results in Grafana.

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4. Import JMeter scenarios.

5. Measure response time, throughput, and system resources utilization.

Free versions. Start now and upgrade as grow.

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Get the advantage of hiring experienced performance engineers for your product. We have been working on performance testing projects since 2008. PFLB uses proven methods and the most advanced tools to take your business to the next performance level.

Website Performance

Test your websites and web applications.

Mobile Application Performance

Test & optimize the performance of iOS and Android applications.

Enterprise System Performance

Test your core banking system, ERP, CRM, and many more.

IVR & Contact Centers Performance

Test the performance of IVR systems & measure the quality of the connection.

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We were looking for an experienced performance testing company, and PFLB more than delivered.

They load-tested our web application and found a bottleneck at the database level. We saw an immediate app performance increase after fixing the identified issue, and the number of our customers doubled in a month!

They took the time to pass on their knowledge, and now we test every release ourselves using the PFLB cloud-based platform. We wholeheartedly recommend PFLB to everyone.

Sergey Belets

CEO of Smart State / Web3 security audit company


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Performance testing ortho company

Web Healthcare

Tynor Orthotics is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of orthopedic and fracture aids established in the 90s to deliver quality healthcare products.

Committed to a significant expansion in the next three years, Tynor crafted a new e-commerce website focused on excellent customer experience to support this growth. To be confident at launch, the engineering team of Tynor decided to run pre-go-live stress testing for the website.

The tight deadline felt challenging, and the customer was relieved to know we provided a quick load testing solution.

Quick Load Testing solution includes a four-day load testing project performed by engineers of PFLB and a 1-month subscription to the innovative load testing PFLB platform.

Performance testing ortho company
Testing Major Meat Producers SAP Makes System 8 Times Faster

SAP Agriculture Migration

Our client, a major nation-wide meat producer, was actively using local WMS and TMS. As a result, their 5,000 employees used to waste much time and effort storing and processing a lot of data in different systems.

To increase the effectiveness of the document flow, the client decided to move all the processes to one SAP ERP system. Massive migration was about to happen, since enormous amounts of data from different legacy systems had to be centralized.

The client had extremely high requirements for a performance tuning project contractor. They wanted to entrust the task only to a highly experienced team.

The choice fell on PFLB, as the company has a proven track record of delivering SAP load testing projects for many corporate clients around the world.

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We have been working on performance testing projects since 2008.

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